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The actual Bullet Magnet is contracted with N42 Neodymium Magnets and is ideal for the removal of ferrous and paramagnetic particulates from a range of dry free flowing products, particularly faster flowing products such as on pneumatic lines, and is suitable for filtration of products within the foodchemicalspharmaceuticalsceramics and recycling industries.

The Bullet Separator is a fully bespoke product and can be designed to fit any size of pipeline, with flanges and fittings to suit each customer’s requirements.

As product flows past the powerful magnetic bullet (up to 12000 gauss), ferrous particles as small as 30 microns and tiny paramagnetic particles such as 307 stainless steel scrapings are filtered out. These very fine ferrous and stainless steel particles are smaller than can be detected with a metal detector.

To clean the 304 or 316 food grade stainless steel Bullet and the outer Housing with the hinged door can be opened once product flow is stopped, thereby removing the magnetic bullet from the pipeline. The bullet can then be manually wiped to remove the contaminant.

Electrical interlocks or safety switches can be fitted to this separator to either prevent the drawer unit from being accidentally opened during the production process or to shut down product flow should the unit be opened during production.


The magnetic separator serves to catching of metal magnetic impurities within a stream of liquid agents. It is equipped with very strong permanent magnets so there is no risk of tearing off magnetic impurities by the liquid stream. During the cleaning, you do not have to remove magnetic cores from the stainless-steel non-magnetic cases so no pollution and/or damaging is taking place.

Cleaning process is fully automated so there is no need for a human operation. This means the highest possible separation quality!The magnetic separator serves to catching of metal magnetic impurities within a stream of bulk materials with good characteristics. It is equipped with very strong permanent of rare earths, capable of reaching several times higher magnetic induction (magnetic force) in comparison with ferrite magnets the magnetic separator is represented by magnetic sliding grates. by reaching the magnetic induction value of up to 14,000 Guass!


The magnetic separator serves to catching of metal magnetic impurities within a stream of bulk materials with good bulk characteristics. It is equipped with very strong permanent magnets based on rare earths mostly of N42 grade, capable of reaching several times higher magnetic induction (magnetic force) in comparison with ferrite (Ceramic) magnets. Main part of the magnetic separator is represented by magnetic sliding grates. We are reaching the magnetic induction value of up to 14,000 Guass!  Separators come with or without deflectors, deflectors are mainly used when the product flow is of a fine grain or powdered substance.that increases a higher percentage of diverting the magnetic tubes.  


  • Separator which are designed to remove micron sized ferrous and per-magnetic contamination and dust particles.
  • .
  • Magnet Drawer are used in gravity feed chutes for the removal of iron particles within powder or granular materials being processed. The product flows through a series of 1" diameter magnetic tubes. Owing to strong construction, corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy and longer functional life, the rendered online Magnetic Separator is an efficient, cost effective magnet for extracting ferrous metal particles from free flowing granular products. Designed for installation in pipelines. 


The Magnetic Plate Separator can be installed above a variety of conveyor belt systems or at the side of chutes for the filtration of ferrous particulates from a range of products within the foodchemical, pharmaceutical, ceramicanimal feed and recycling industries. As the powerful magnets are fully encased in stainless steel, this plate separator is ideal for both wet and dry applications.

The Magnetic Plate can be manufactured to any size or shape required and can be made to strengths of up to 4500 gauss.

To clean the 304 stainless steel food grade Magnetic Plate, manually wipe the surface to remove the contaminant.

If you require the plate to be removed from the production area prior to wiping away the contaminant, We have Hinged Magnetic Plates.available for easier cleaning..


  • Hand-operated sweepers are ideal for commercial & residential roofers, construction crews, truck yards to pick up metal parts that can cause punchers on truck wheels, maintenance personnel and metal shops.
  • Suspended magnets can be mounted on forklifts, yard-trucks, push-tugs and all maintenance vehicles.
  • Three units sizes range form 2 feet .-  3 feet and 4 feet wide sweep path, perfect for use in Foreign Object Debris (FOD).All models are constructed of 304 stainless steel.
  • Metal hinged flap models with handle are available for ease of removing metal debri.. 

SMALL ASSEMBLIES=====================================================================================================



5/8"Dia x 1/4"Thick (takes 1/2"Dia x 1/8"Thick Magnet Disc)

1/2"Dia x 1/4"Thick (takes 3/8"Dia x 1/10"Thick Magnet Disc)

ASSEMBLY Screw zinc coated metal cup onto part with #4 wood or machine screw then insert Magnet Disc into counter bore hole.

Metal zinc plated contact washer available for 1/2"Dia size, Also takes #4 screw to secure contact washer to opposite part through counter bore hole.


Mainly used for holding name tags which are used to identify a person or company when 

wearing on clothing.

We only carry green badge magnets GMP-1000 because we purchase them in large quantities which allows us to give a better  price to our customers (Besides nobody can see the colour behind a name tag) 

Please phone us or email us for a quote ! as we do not show pricing on this site because you may be an American or Canadian company looking at pricing and as you know how the US dollar is fluctuating a lot these days.

The GMP-1000 is a combo set which consist of a green plastic housing which contains 3 strong neodymium N35 nickel plated magnets which are inbedded in the plastic housing and held in with strong industrial glue, The nickel metal backing plate as double sided strong adhesive tape attached to it leaving the open side ready to peel and stick onto the name tag a popular alternative fastener to pins, avoiding pin holes on clothing. 


CH-35 is the only channel magnet we have in stock at present.

We can obtain what you might need within two weeks

   D = Diameter - H = Height (thickness) d1 = dia of hole in Cup. - Magnet-(Hole Size)

  RB30 (9.525) RB50 (21.7) RB70 (25.4) RB80 (31.9RB85 (32.51) RB90 (44.45)

RB- Round Base Ceramic Magnet with Chrome outer metal cup. Sizes in the chart to the left arin  mm..

Holding Force (lbs} is measured by test on a 6.35mm (1/4") thick smooth, clean,dry

mild steel metal block surface.

We have stock Model  WMNF- B20 - A20 & B16


To hold signs for stores, vichles etc


WE HAVE IN STOCK  2' x 2"x 1/2'Thick  SQUARE WITH 1/4" HOLE