There are many types of permanent magnets that are available on the market and we carry four of the most commonly used. They can be made in various shapes, sizes, grades (Strengths - MGOe) and maximum operating temperature limitations and each type as a specific purpose.


  Megagauss Oersted Energy (MGOe) in layman's terms means the stored energy in a magnet, called magnet performance or magnetic energy product of the flux field generated between the two magnet poles.

   Example 0.065 MGOe is mostly used in Isotropic rubber strip (Fridge magnets) and from 1.1 MGOe to 52 MGOe is the highest that they can achieve and is used in anisotropic permanent magnets.

              We show only a few commonly used magnet sizes below, contact us to see if we                                                                               have what you are looking for or you need advice on what you should use.



 1 ) Neodymium (Rare earth - NdFeB) - Is the most commonly used because it has the strongest magnet strengths with grades ranging from

 30 MGOe to 52 MGOe with operating temperature ranging from 80C up to 130C usually plated in nickel, Gold or black oxide are also available,

Be very careful when handling them especially with larger sizes and grades because they are very brittle and can snap together or splinter causing injury. . 


2)  Alnico comes in grade 2 to grade 8 with magnet strength from 1.13 to 7.5 MGOe and Is a heavy duty magnet which can take a lot of pounding before cracking or splintering, the maximum operating temperatures range from 450C to 550C.                                                                            ********************************************************************************************************************      

        3) Ferrite (Ceramic) is the least expensive of all permanent magnets mainly because it has the weakest magnet strength comes in 2 strengths C5 & C8 Maximum operating temperature from 200C to 410C and are also very brittle and can only be coated in baked enamel of various colours


4) Samarium Cobalt (Rare earth - SmCo) - Is the most expensive of all the permanent magnets mainly because it has a medium range of 18 to 32

 MGOe magnet strengths, and a maximum operating temperature of 250C and is less brittle than neodymium and ceramic.


 1)  Neodymium (Rare Earth)

Most common sizes shown below
0.125"Dia x 0.062" Thk (A) N35 Ni
0.250"Dia x 0.200" Thk (A) N35 Ni 
0.375"Dia x 0.060" Thk (A) N35 Ni
0.375"Dia x 0.100" Thk (A) N35 Ni
0.375"Dia x 0.250" Thk (A) N40 Ni
0.500"Dia x 0.060" Thk (A) N35 Ni
0.500"Dia x 0.125" Thk (A) N35/N42Ni
0.500"Dia x 0.125" Thk (A) N35 Ni
0.500"Dia x 0.250" Thk (A) N35 Ni
0.500"Dia x 0.375" Thk (A) N35 Ni
0.625"Dia x 0.032" Thk (A) N35 Ni
0.625"Dia x 0.060" Thk (A) N35/42 Ni 
0.750"Dia x 0.060" Thk (A) N35/42 Ni
0.750"Dia x 0.125" Thk (A) N40 Ni
0.750"Dia x 0.250" Thk (A) N40 Ni
1.000"Dia x 0.125" Thk (A) N35/42 Ni
1.500"Dia x 0.250" Thk (A) N35/42 Ni
1.500"Dia x 0.500" Thk (A) N35/42 Ni
0.125"Dia x 0.125" Thk (A) N35/N40 Ni 
0.125"Dia x 0.250" Thk (A) N35/N40 Ni 
0.187"Dia x 0.187" Thk (A) N35 Ni 
0.187"Dia x 0.250" Thk (A) N35 Ni 0
0.250"Dia x 0.250" Thk (A) N35 Ni 
0.250"Dia x 0.375" Thk (A) N35 Ni 
0.250"Dia x 0.500" Thk (A) N35/N40 Ni 
0.250"Dia x 0.750" Thk (A) N35 Ni 
0.375"Dia x 0.750" Thk (A) N35/SH Ni 
0.375"Dia x 1.500" Thk (A) N42 Ni 
0.500"Dia x 0.5"00 Thk (A) N35 Ni 
0.875"Dia x 1.00" Thk (A) N35 Ni  

          SEE  CHART BELOW 

Cont'd    Neodymium (Rare Earth)

Most common sizes shown below


1.000"L x 0.250"W x 0.062"thk (A) 

1.000"L x 0.250"W x 0.375"thk (A)
0.500"L x 0.250"W x 0.125"thk (A) N52 Ni
0.500"L x 0.250"W x 0.250"thk (A) N52 Ni
1.000"L x 0.250"W x 0.375"thk (A)
2.000"L x 1.000"W x 0.500"thk (A) N40
    And many more sizes to choice from 


PEEL & STICK with 3M Adesive

0.500"Dia x 0.030" Thk (A) N35 Ni

0.500"Dia x 0.060" Thk (A) N35 Ni

1.000"L x 0.250"W x 0.060"Thk (A* N35 Ni

ROUND DISC Also with Adhesive

0.500"Dia x 0.030' Thk N35 Ni


Cont'd  Neodymium (Rare Earth)

Most common sizes shown below
1.000Dia x 0.875 I.D, x 0250"Thk (A) N40
1.500Dia x 0.250 I.D, x 0250"Thk (A) N40

          SEE  CHART BELOW 

 3)    Ferrite (Ceramic) 

Some - common sizes shown below


0.500"Dia x 0.060" Thk (A) C5 
0.250"Dia x 0.250" Thk (A) C5 
0.719"Dia x 0.187" Thk (A) C5 
0.750"O.D. x 0.125"I.D. x 0.125" Thk  
0.875"L x 0.250"W x 0.187" Thk 
0.875"L x 0.187"W x 0.250" Thk 
1.500"L x 0.250"W x 0.187" Thk 
1.875"L x 0.375"W x 0.250" Thk
1.875"L x 0.875"W x 0.250" Thk
6.000"L x 4.000"W x 0.250" Thk
3.000"X 3.000" X 0.750"Thk


2)  Alnico

Some - common sizes shown below


0.187"Dia x 0.50" L (A)   
0.187"Dia x 1.00" L (A) 
0.25o"Dia x 0.50" L  (A)
0.25o"Dia x 1.00" L  (A)

          SEE  CHART BELOW
4)  Samarium Cobalt
Some common sizes shown below 
0.375""Dia x 0.250"Thk (A)
0.500"Dia x 0.250"Thk (A)

0.750"Dia x 0.250"Thk (A)

1.000"Dia x 0.250"Thk (A)


0.625"L x 0.375"W x 0,250"Thk(A)

0.625"L x 0.250"W x 0,375"Thk(A)

0.625"L x 0.250"W x 0,250"Thk(A)

1.000"L x 0.125"W x 0.250"thk (A) 
1.000"L x 0.250"W x 0.375"thk (A)
1.000"L x 0.375"W x 0.250"thk (A
0.375"L X 0.375"W x.0.125"Thk(A) 


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